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We will take your initial idea or present design
and make it better - that's what we do.

We specialize in real-time microcomputer technology. Sounds
nifty and we are good at it. We can take an idea or existing design and add the latest technology to make it better and cheaper.
Here are just a few designs we have completed:
-- Power flow monitoring and protection control for utility companies
-- Real-time monitoring system for utility companies
-- Video gaming software and control boards
-- Protocol convertors, multiple formats/speeds
-- Display units. LCD/LED serial interface
-- Consumer electronic projects: flash lights, clocks, radio's, you name it
-- Radio telemetry systems - remote data collection. Robot control
-- Multiplex system - used for pipe organ control and industrial control
-- Aircraft navigation computer. Used by GA pilots
-- Automated telephone answering system
-- Phone Card printer control board and phone system
-- Multi-purpose arcade game controller boards - spice
    up your old arcade games!
-- Robotic projects - walking, remote controlled, video camera
-- Switch interface for computers - ideal for gaming console
-- Flight Simulator instruments - we are building flight sim's now!

Emutek D&M, Inc. P.O Box 142. Rumson. NJ 07760
732-747-0258 Work. 908-675-0762 Mobile.