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Let us use our many, many years of engineering experience, countless sleepless nights trying to get a design completed, hours of technical writing and weeks of design changes so that you do not have to.  We are highly trained professionals with just one goal - get your idea or design to work for you.

Who we are

Started way back in 1990 consulting
in electronic designs. Now we can
not only design it we can build it
too - just for you. Our specialty
is innovation and creative designs.
We can take a basic idea right
through to production. If we can't
do it, we'll tell you honestly.
We also offer technical mentoring
for High School Students - call us.

Drawing of computer; Size=240 pixels wide

and why we are in business

One word, fun!  We like what we do,
- it's that simple.  We are not the
biggest or the best but what you will
get is an honest deal and a bunch of
people committed to help and provide
the service you need. Can't promise
it will be smooth sailing but we will be
there with you all the way.
Staff at Emutek.

Emutek D&M, Inc. P.O Box 142. Rumson. NJ 07760
732-747-0258 Work. 908-675-0762 Mobile.